What is One @ the Ballet?

Held once a month on a Saturday, One @ the Ballet was initiated in 2009 as an in-studio dance presentation which aims to break the barrier created by the stage, bringing audiences one step closer to the dancers. These part-narrative sessions conducted by our Artistic Director, Janek Schergen will explore a wide spectrum of dance topics which will enable individuals gain a greater insight into the world of dance. From something as detailed as the little rituals that dancers perform before they go onstage, to the creative process a choreographer undergoes to create a new work, the audience can expect to enhance their knowledge of dance and also watch our dancers up-close and personal as they perform excerpts from our main performance seasons.

Registration for the May presentations will be announced soon.


Date: Refer to monthly schedule below
1pm – 2:15pm, 3pm – 4:15pm

Venue: Singapore Dance Theatre – Founder’s Studio
Fee: $15 Per Person

* Payment can be made by bank transfer only



  • Seats are allocated based on registrations, on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • Due to a limited number of seats available, we will email payment details only to successful applicants.
  • Seats are confirmed only after payment has been received.

Please note that children aged 3 and below will not be admitted.

One @ the Ballet Schedule for 2021

29th May 2021
The Code of Terpsichore

Terpsichore is the Greek goddess of dance and ballet has been most closely identified as a predominately female art form. Ballet establishes manners, respect and heritage in our training, both onstage and off, in both classical and contemporary dance. The profound history of how this came to be will be the basis of this session and we will show segments of our repertoire in aid of this discussion and demonstration of dance pieces.


26th June 2021
Ballet 101

The heritage and history of ballet is a story that is worth telling and how the outgrowth of modern dance morphed into contemporary dance and dance theatre is part of this dialogue. What is it that has led classical ballet and contemporary dance to be considered to be one of the most respected of the international fine arts alongside literature, music and drama? Within ballet companies the issue of rank with principal, soloist, demi-soloist, corps de ballets exists and what does that mean? You’ll experience greater insights and learn a great deal more than just attending a performance will afford you.


31st July 2021
Music and Movement

Dance has a long and completely intertwined history with music and composers for hundreds of years. Famous musicians like Stravinsky, Prokofiev, Tchaikovsky, Delibes, and Minkus have all made works especially designed for dance that have lasted through generations. Ballet’s history has compositions that were created originally for famous ballets and went on to become well known for their memorable beauty. The relationship between dance and music, how dancers “count” and remember phrases of choreography, will all be part of our focus for this unique One @ the Ballet. 

21st August 2021
Dance, the Noble Art Form

As Mr. Balanchine once said “I do not want people who want to dance, I want people who have to dance”. Dancers are a unique and beautiful breed of artists. A person who has trained and danced professionally will forevermore describe themselves first and foremost “I am a dancer”. How they prepare and progress to professional status, why they choose to pursue careers in dance, as well as their life of rehearsal, performances and touring is all part of the rewards of a life of a dancer. This One @ the Ballet will focus on the special quality that dancers share with each other as friends and artists. The trust and bonds that dancers share is demonstrated in the segments of ballets presented for this session.

18th September 2021
Workout and Warm ups

Every professional dancer starts their day with the ritual of taking company class, whether they are new to the company or a dancer of great experience. Their daily rehearsal schedule following can consist of a full five-hour day of learning and working on either a single ballet or up to six or more different pieces. How dancers learn and retain choreography, structure their movements with music and function as a cohesive unit is a fascinating study for us to delve into this time. Individual dancers all have rituals that help them prepare and perform at their peak. We will invite our audience to observe class and see a piece of choreography being taught to the dancers.

30th October 2021
Ballet Revolution

Ballet has a long and distinguished history and is ranked as one of the fine arts. Since its foundations, and through its years of development, much has changed and as much has remained unaltered. What remains and is valued as traditional ballet heritage and what has been influenced by modern day society and trends has begun to shape dancers, choreographers and performances. SDT is very much a part of all of this and we’ll show you why.

27th November 2021
The Nutcracker

In the last session of the year for One @ the Ballet, we will focus on our unique production of The Nutcracker. The Nutcracker has become a holiday tradition throughout the world and is often performed annually by many companies. The ballet has some very well-known scenes including the beautiful Snow scene and the voyage through the Land of the Sweets, featuring the famous Sugar Plum Fairy in a pas de deux with her cavalier, the Prince. We will show some of the sections of choreography, as well as the elaborate costumes made for the production.


30th January 2021
The History and Future of Singapore Dance Theatre

SDT was co-founded in 1988 by Anthony Then and Goh Soo Khim with just seven professional dancers. In 33 years, SDT has grown to the point where it is now, with 38 dancers, six performance seasons that span through the calendar year, as well as international touring. The repertoire has included some of the most well-regarded international choreographers’ works in newly created and established pieces as well as full-length classical ballets. The company is now one of the most significant arts organizations in Singapore. The path SDT has travelled towards building the company will be shown with several examples of the 2021 repertoire presented in segments.

27th February 2021

Coppélia is one of the most charming of all classical ballets. It is the story of a young man, Franz, who is in love with a beautiful village girl, Swanilda, but momentarily distracted by a mysterious girl named Coppélia. Unknown to him, she is a mechanical doll created by Dr. Coppelius. Originally choreographed by Arthur St. Leon in Paris in 1870, the ballet was inspired by a tale from E.T.A. Hoffmann to music of Leo Delibes. Coppélia was first produced for SDT in 1995 and has become a beloved part of our history and repertoire. The magic of the story beginning with a French village fete in Act I, progressing on to the wedding celebration for Swanilda and Franz in Act III, will be presented.

27th March 2021
Pas de deux, variations and coda

The pas de deux forms the central moment of many pieces of choreography. At the heart of pas de deux work is emotion, even in what seems to be the most abstract of ballets. Often dancers develop partnerships that are based on several factors including personality, temperament, timing and physical type. Dancers create important bonds of security and trust in working with each other on a daily basis. How dancers achieve complex overhead lifts, partnered promenades, pirouettes and balances will be shown and explained for a greater appreciation.


24th April 2021
Behind the Front Curtain

This unique One @ the Ballet will take you behind the curtain to showcase different aspects of the training, creation of a ballet and on to performance aspects. All the elements of choreography, music, set, costume design, as well as choice of repertoire in each of our six annual seasons will be part of this exploration of SDT. Special sections of ballets that are presently in rehearsal will be demonstrated as part of the process. Several SDT dancers will be interviewed for our audience’s enlightenment.